The International Association to Confront Coronavirus and Global Violations Officials (I.A.C.C.O)

Our main objectives are to file lawsuits before National Courts and International Tribunals, up to the Security Council / U.N., in order to punish officials in Wuhan, China, and against anyone who had a direct or indirect responsibility of COVID-19 and for the sake of material compensation. We seek to demand the creation of a special International Tribunal for this purpose.

If you wish to join our Association for free as an affiliate member, we will gain from your experiences and will place your name on a supplementary list to our Association upon filing lawsuits.

Send us your name, your profession, and your e-mail address, and we wish success to all of us. Stay safe.

Who We Are

Our Objectives

1- Conducting field technical expertise, studies, research, and collecting documents on issues related to violations, accidents and disasters of all types, local, international, national and global, especially those caused by the COVID-19 virus, epidemics and human rights.

2- Establishing, organizing or participating in national and international conferences and symposia and in international courts and organizations around the world that are related with war crimes, genocide, crimes against humanity, international terrorism, crimes against human rights, compensation and related accessories.

3- Endeavoring with the competent authorities and authorities to demand the establishment of national and international courts to confront the officials and global violations and disasters of all kinds, and every person or entity having a direct or indirect relationship with the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic or any other damage around the world.

4- Giving advice to legislators on how to demand the infliction of the most severe penalities against officials and committing them to personal compensation dammage and harm, and to defend in various ways any person accused or sentenced or appealed.

5- Joining other societies as an association so that it can become a member of various groups around the world.

6- The Founders are specialized in Global Terrorism, War Crimes, Genocides, Crimes Against Hummanity, and aim to defend victims and accuse perpetrators of those crimes around the world.


Me. Jad Khalil

International Counsel before STL-ICC-IRMCT-Kosovo-Cent Africa

Judge Bernard Choueiry

Former Chief Judge of Appeal Courts

Me. Hadi Rached

International Law, Senior Lecturer

Me. Colette Emile El Hayek

Corporate Lawyer

M.P. Georges Okayes

Member of Parliament, Former President of Trial Chamber

Gen. Elia El Obeid

Strategies and Human Rights, Expert in Counter-Terrorism

Me. Karim Torbey

Economy and International Relations, DEA in Law, Lecturer at USJ

Me. Jean Tabet

Specialist in Financial Crimes

Me. Nada Akl

Corporate Lawyer

Dr. Brian Burmaster

Expert in Health, Medicine, Laboratory, Chemistry

Me. Antoine Sfeir

Arbitrator, Professor of International Law

Affiliate Members

Name Profession Country
Canadian Institute for International Law Expertise Law Firm Canada
Kai Smith Director of Investigations U.K
Mohamad Baher Prosecutor Egypt
Vanessa Khoury ONG (Fraud) Lebanon
Salima Elayi Entrepreneur, Human Rights Lebanon
Berge Abadjian Economist, Trader Belgium
Ashton Richardson LL.M Lawyer Netherland
Eleuchi Hatem Former Judge Tunis
Soumaya Boughanem Magistrate Appeal Court Tunis
Eugene Kayat Intelligent Security System South Africa
Michel Mansour International Arbitration Miami, USA
Sami Madhi Deputy Public Prosecutor Tunis
Marreet Kaur Assistant to Counsel ICC India
Svitlana Snitsich International and Humanitarian Law Belarus
Wedra Ben Salem Magistrate Tunis
Laurance Caniamaso Cost Controller Switzerland
Haffedh Ben Younes Lawyer Tunis
Misho Abou Khaled Senior Analyst Canada
Dr. Basam Fahd Salim International Law Germany
Mohamad El Kholy Prosecutor Egypt
Farzod Fallah LL.M Editor for U.N Studies Iran
Clemence Marcel Mafetgo Lawyer Cameroun
Rony Khalil Lawyer, DEA Private Law Lebanon
Ferdinand Djammen Nzepa Lawyer France
Hadi Khalife Lawyer Lebanon
Nidal Haykal Legal Consultant USA
Justice AFM Abdur Rahman Judge Bangladesh
Walid Aboudaya Lawyer Lebanon
Myriam Jeannin PHD International Law France
Chittaranjan Das Advocate Bombay
Dr. Luis Eduardo Rey Vazquez President Tribunal Carrientes Argentina
Legal Imperials Professional Law Firm New Delhi
Edward Luke FCI arb Business Professional Arbitration Bostnawa
Ben Amaah Bookye D.G Legal Services Ghana
Amadou Kane Lawyer Senegal
William Collins Attorney at Law Virginia, USA
Pierrot Khoueri Lawyer, Professor Lebanon
Smart. G Isowo Ambassador Nigeria
Sirvan Sati Science and Research Teheran
Slobodan Zecevic Law Practice Specialist Serbia
Sabra Khamis State Prosecutor Tanzanya
Tania Pizzamiglio Holoistic Medicine Italy
Gaelle Faucault D.E.A Droit International Public Canada
Dean Bordode Investigative Research Analyst Canada
Valerio Curtis PhD UK
Janese Johnsen Criminal Justice USA
Mohamad Arabi Senior Economic Expert Lebanon
Ano Campelos Master in History and Criminal Cases Portugal
Rachel Mugide Emerging Ministries Uganda
Rita Mbouaun BBA Assas Lebanon
Alba Costa Correal Criminology Spain
Kamel Fercha Lawyer Algeria
Sally Al Balushi Bachelor of Laws Saltanet, Oman
Ondicho Nyakenyanka Attorney Kenya
Gurdeep Singh Advocate Delhi
Alharhashi Lawyer Jordan
Natalie Sunflower Researcher, Activist Nevada
Assad Yazbeck Lawyer Lebanon
Dr. Mahfouz Criminal Law Egypt
Merette Ibrahim Investigative Journalist Egypt
Buck Rogers Lt. General Police Spain
Nader Khammassi Lawyer Tunis
Alan Bayat Polytechnic Iraq
Theodore Elias Hadad International Lawyer Strasbourg
Ntoge Masse Attorney Cameroon
Dieudonné Takamm Lawyer Cameroon
Joumana Nassar International Law Lebanon
Paulo Irani ICC Investigator Lebanon
Enrico Ostojic Governement Administrator Stockholm
Monique Graham Legal Affairs UK
Rahul G. Tanwani Advocate Supreme Court India
Mine B Health center New York
Tilda Bergman Intersteller Sweden
Walid Kais Legal consultancy Netherland
Sunethra Sathyyanarayana ECPAT international New Delhi
Nouwagnon Olivier Afogo Lawyer France
IIdiko J-son Judicial-ecology Sweden
Maroun Karam Ambassador Belgium
Wilson Luiz de Freitas Dias Lawyer Brazil
Hasitha Wijesundara Lawyer Sirilanka
Marium Razzak Lawyer Visionary U.K
Daniel Bahiru Conflict Management Ethiopia
Lee-Ann Conrod Prosecutor Canada
Robin B Security and SAR Operator The Netherlands
Rolf Carlsson Retired Legal Sweden
Anneli Steen Community nurse Sverige
Marko Injac Consultant Sweden
Jon Tallinger Dr. MD. GP Sweden
David Oneill Home Carer U.K
Asa Kassel Retired Group Purchase Sweden
Anna Nystrom Business Advisor Sweden
Christelle Matta Lawyer Lebanon
Shawki Ahwash Lecturer in Counter-Terrorism Lebanon
Aya Jammal Paralegal UK
Khawla Zaazaa Dr. International Law Tunis
Paul Ngeleka International Counsel France
Juan Carlos Manriquez International Lawyer Chile
Adele Jacobsson Intern ICC UK
Rishi Taneja Human Rights Netherlands
Thaer Amro Lawyer Palestine
Aboubacar Fall Lawyer Senegal
Naureda Llagami Chairperson Judicial Council Albania
Faten Guemri Attia Avocate Tunis
Marwa Zein Professor International Law Egypt
Lara Eid Jreissati International Human Rights Lawyer Lebanon
Abbe Jolles Global rights Litigator Washington
Pavle Jovic Lawyer Croatia/UK
Junior Mumbala Abelungu PHD in Law Brussels
Nastexo Muxumed Legal Officer Netherlands
Giovani Ditrani Lawyer UK
John Walsh Criminal Law UK
Juan Godoy Tribunal Reviewer Paraguay
Mahmoud Jamaleddine Businessman Lebanon
VLN Legal Law Firm India
Katarina Zlatar Journalist Australia
Radovan Djurdjevic ICTY Case Manager Serbia
Jenny Fjell M.D PHD Sweden
Drici Miloud Procureur / Magistrat Tunis
Jesper Nilsson Consciousness Facilitator Sweden
Sudhir Menditatta Advocate Supreme Court India
Talida Jipa Criminal Lawyer Romania
Adetokunbo Hussain International Law Consultant UK
Chandra Shekhar Jha Legal Advocate India
Marouane Yaya Business Law France
Karen Silva Philosopher New York
Fr John Taylor Priest / Bishop UK
Carin Malmqvist Retired Sweden
Gotobaya Sumanasekara Media Consultant Sri Lanka
Manish Khadakban Law Student India
Muhammad Siddique Aerospace Engineer Saudia Arabia
Dany Zeeny Judge / Ministery of Justice Lebanon
Monique Rebecca Student UK
Hala Mahadeen Lawyer Amman
Caroly Hage Chahine Specialist Pharmacy Lebanon
Lejla Koreneef Professional UN Holland
Yuri Donskoy Vice Pres. Soldats de la Paix Croatia
Victor Broers Architect Holland
Gustavo da Silva Aromaterapia Brazil
Mirna Aouad Lawyer Lebanon
Oksana Sabo Managing Director Ukraine
Samia Nasri Lawyer Tunis
Gregorio Peralta Poser Judicial Costa Rica
Mohamad Khan Lawyer The Hague
Jean Marie Ntigurirwa Legal Interpreter Montreal
Terry Metsh Entrepreneur California
Mohamad Mahmoud M.A Law Egypt
Khoder Terro Law Professor Lebanon
Mohamad el Saedy Food Supervisor Egypt
Coreygew DO Education Kenya
Catarina Persson Mental Coach Sweden
Andreas Tegerot Psychology Sweden
Michael Zazzio Judge Sweden
Mark Anthony Mansour Business Man Ghana
Saade Saade Engineer Germany
Alexandra Pentaraki Expert Clinical Pshycologist Greece
Flavius Cornu Cyber Crime Police Romania
Teo Hosu Police Academy Romania
Jessica Pettersson Early Retired Sweden
Ki Kollbrunner Biomedia Scientist Sweden
Mike Nash Advertising Taiwan
Alexander Alan Health Uzbekistan
Javier Jomez Constructer Spain
Ronaldver NO Education France
Alexandre Cross Technology Estonia
Mohamad Hassan Law Bolivia
Pole EmploiAV Education France
Mike Taylor Consulting Antilles
David Song Media USA
Monique Bader Social Legal Advisor Holland
Jamale El Eid PHD Healthcare Lebanon
Anechitoae Constantin PHD Arbitrage Roumania
Johan Klintsäter Gvt. Administrator Sweden
Daniel Medina Barrister Spain
Williamgried Tz Publisher Uganda
Mike Walkman Digital Agent New Zealand
Ho Choi Health Japan
Mark Steele Weapons Expert UK
Caroline Grenier Flight Attendant Canada
Mike Bloch Advertising Taiwan
Elie Diab Engineer Canada
Bruce Bushey Teacher Canada
Jane Cuva Singer UK
Mike Olivier Consulting Antilles
Hanna Brown Law USA
Benjamin Ehinger Internet New Zealand
Mike Galbraith Internet New Zealand
James Lambert Health Miami
Mike Russel Advertising Taiwan
Matt Mehdia Retail Bahrain
Rodrigo Pereira Attorney Brazil
Lima Tira Legal Estonia
Janetcam TB Finance Sweden
Jerome Fabre Technology France
Mike Webster Consulting Antilles
Cornwall Grant Internet Norway
Pixel Digital Customer France
Gabriel Angelo Sales US
Mike Hawkins Internet New Zealand
James Lambert Media Dominican Republic
Mike Fitzgerald Advertising Taiwan
Carmen Johnston Life coach Canada
Benjamin Ehinger Consulting UK
Arber Sadiku Mental coach Sweden
Enlou Frere IT Consultant Barbados
Janet Banks Internet US
Jennie Rask Disability Sweden
Enrique Dug Administrator Lebanon
Sonja Ramoi writer Australia
Mike Lamberts Consulting Antilles
Gregory Bug Management Mauritius
Michael Omran Media US
Mike Nicholson Internet New Zealand
Gabriel Angelo Real estate Estonia
John Wang Media US
Mike Bawerman Advertising Taiwan
Maya El Cheikh Psychologist Lebanon
Saleh Anisi Researcher Iran
Mahdi Janati Moheb Legal Expert Iran



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